Root Canal Treatment
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When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?
There are many nerves and blood vessels called the ‘pulp’ inside each of your teeth. When a tooth is decayed or damaged, bacteria enter the tooth and cause infection, killing nerves and causing pain. Bacteria can also spread into surrounding gum tissues, causing abscesses, pain and swelling.
What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?
Once a tooth is infected, the nerve must be removed. Root canal treatment is performed under local anaesthetic over several visits. First, we make a small hole in the tooth, leading to the root canal. We gently remove infection using files and other tools until the tooth is clean. Once the tooth’s infected pulp is removed, we file the root canal into a tapered shape and fill it with a latex derivative. The dead tooth remains in place but is no longer connected to the body’s blood supply, and the tooth would become dry and brittle in the future. To combat this, we fit the tooth with a crown to seal it and slow decay.
We Make Root Canal Treatment Easy Root canal treatment is a routine procedure for our experienced staff. We will make your treatment quick, with minimal discomfort. Our caring team will ensure local anaesthesia is properly applied, so you feel no more sensation than when you get a standard filling.

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