Immediate Dentures

What Are The Advantages?

Wearing dentures takes some adjustment. Immediate dentures help you start the transition much quicker than other types of dentures. They jumpstart muscular readjustment and prevent the natural shrinkage of gums.
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What Are Immediate Dentures?
An immediate denture is a partial or complete denture inserted immediately after the removal of teeth. They are usually used as a placeholder until permanent dentures can be manufactured. These convenient solutions ensure you don’t have to appear in public without teeth and even helps the healing process.
How Are The Immediate Dentures Implemented?
In addition to preliminary surgery, four to five visits may be necessary to fabricate immediate dentures. The back teeth are often extracted six to eight weeks prior to the fabrication phase, allowing the sites to heal. Follow-up visits are often needed for adjustments and re-fitting as extraction sites heal and adjust.
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