Conventional Full Dentures

What Are Conventional Dentures?

In contrast to immediate dentures, conventional dentures conform to your mouth with near-perfect accuracy. This custom product allows for maximum durability, comfort, personalisation and cost-effectiveness. They are crafted to match your own natural teeth and are usually a permanent solution.
Your Smile is our top priority
Are Conventional Denturesright For You? Our dentists have years of experience and knowledge to help you make the right decisions. In the meantime, take a look at the advantages of conventional dentures.
  • Customized :Conventional dentures include details to fit your mouth and bite, including size, colour, and type of artificial teeth used.
  • Long-lasting :Conventional dentures take two to four months to measure, mould, and fit, but can last for many years.
  • Low-maintenance :They are very low-maintenance, generally requiring many fewer visits to the dentist for adjustment or replacement.
How Do I Get Conventional Dentures? Ensuring you get the perfect set of dentures might take four to five visits. First, we take moulds and measurements of your mouth. Then, we fit the bottom and top dentures together, so you can chew and smile properly. Finally, you are able to view and approve the size, shape, colour and appearance of your new dentures.

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