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Why Get Dentures?

Missing teeth don’t only affect your appearance—they can also lead to nutritional problems and health disorders. Dentures fill in the gaps to support muscle and tissue in the face and help you talk and chew normally. These look like normal teeth and are held in place by a suction effect between the device and your alveolar ridges.
Transitional partial This inexpensive, plastic is used to temporarily fill gaps and allow your mouth to heal after tooth extraction. Afterward, implants or other solutions will be provided.
Removable partial (RPDs) RPDs are metal-based, removable that are lighter than their plastic counterparts. They are also much less expensive than implants or bridgework.
What To Expect From Your Dentures It takes time to adjust to a new pair of denture, but eventually, your nerves and ligaments will adapt. Over time, you will be able to speak and chew normally. When you begin wearing this, you will notice gum shrinkage and bone loss; it may be necessary to re-line or move to a set of conventional optimal fit.

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