Our state-of-the-art preventative dental care and treatments provide a pleasant, stress-free experience. We are one of the best Emergency Dentist in Moorebank. We provide optimum dental services.

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Each one of our patients will enjoy a brilliant smile with expert dental care and modern treatments. White Bright family dental is the leading expert dentist in the Moorebank area. We use the latest technology and advanced equipment.

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Braces & smile

Your search for a dentist in Prestons for a flawless and picture-perfect smile ends at White Bright Family Dental.
Each one of our patients will enjoy a brilliant smile with expert dental care and modern treatments.

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We are a MySmile plan provider! Broke days are gone! Pay no interest ever! We set up everything for you!

We are a MySmile plan provider! Broke days are gone! Pay no interest ever!
We set up everything for you!


Combat all your dental problems and issues with the leading dentists in Moorebank. Our years of experience and professional expertise make us one of the best in the industry. Some of the Dental Treatments offered by us includes:

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Crowns and

If your teeth are weakened or damaged by decay or fillings, crowns will strengthen and improve the look of your smile.

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A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, which is permanently inserted into your jawbone to replace a missing tooth.

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Visiting a dentist can be scary or stressful for young children. We will make your childs visit pleasant, stress-free and fun.

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Root canal

When a tooth is decayed or damaged, bacteria enter the tooth and causes infection, killing nerves and causing intense pain.

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Immediate treatment of
Aphthous ulcers

Aphthous ulcers, also called canker sores in some areas, are painful, shallow sores on the inside of the mouth.

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without bleeding

Gingivectomy is the removal of gum tissue to enable proper cleaning of plaque. We provide this service with minimal discomfort.

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Hemostasis and

We employ a variety of hemostatic agents that stop bleeding and allow coagulation during or after your treatment.

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Laser dentistry

Compared to traditional dental treatment, our laser treatments mean less bleeding, fewer stitches and a reduced risk of infection.

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Periodontal treatment

We provide expert care for preventing and treating periodontal (gum) disease, including gingivitis, periodontitis and others.

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Pain therapy & muscle joint pain relief

You don’t have to live with the pain any longer. We offer therapy for pain through a variety of proven treatments.


We now offer The Wand, a Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) System Unit, that delivers a computerised flow of an aesthetic and eliminates the use of a syringe-based injection. The aesthetic is the same, but it is placed around the tooth in a very slow and measured rate, resulting in a comfortable experience for the patient.

Unlike the traditional approach, where a needle penetrates muscle, The Wand causes no unpleasant postoperative pain. It is beneficial for all patients, especially children; they will not be exposed to a scary needle syringe, which can look intimidating to anyone. Fear and anxiety will be reduced significantly.


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Restore your smile with a pair of natural-looking, comfortable dentures. We offer a variety of different types to suit your needs.

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We have helped people of all ages find confidence and a beautiful smile with traditional braces and clear aligner treatments.

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Teeth whitening & bleaching in 20 minutes

If your teeth are yellow and dull, you aren’t fulfilling your full potential. Get white, bright teeth and a great smile in just 20 minutes.

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Anxious patients

We understand that many patients experience fear or anxiety when attending the dentist. This is often due to a phobia, specific medical condition or traumatic negative experience. Here at White and Bright Dental, we go to great lengths to make sure all of our patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental care and have a pleasant experience.


DIAGNOcam is a safe alternative for dental imaging. It provides images with the quality of an X-ray but does so without the use of radiation. This makes the process safe for children and pregnant women.

DIAGNOcam relies on light for early detection of a variety of dental issues including cracks, cavities, and even tooth decay.

At White and Bright Family Dental we are equipped with a KaVo DIAGNOcam system for the convenience of our patients. Come in today for comfortable, safe and accurate dental imaging for both children and adults.

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White Bright Family Dental is one of the leading dentists in Australia. We are known for our immense experience in our field and our patiently friendly approach. We strive to offer professional dental treatments and procedures. At White Bright Family Dental, we are aware of how grave a toothache can be and how much effect it can have on someone’s mental health and stress.

We offer an array of dental treatments and procedures to address the dental issues of our patrons. We are one-of-a-kind dentists in the Moorebank area. We use an impeccable combination of technology and advanced dental treatments to offer cohesive dental care. While we also always make sure that our patients are comfortable and well informed through the whole process.

Team of Expert dentists in Moorebank

White Bright family Dental has some of the best medical professionals working with us. Our team of professionals is highly experienced and well qualified. They have great experience in dental care.

They are well aware of their primary responsibility for alleviating dental pain and providing them with efficient dental solutions. At White Bright Family Dental, we take extra efforts to treat our patients. We understand our role in being a community helper and so we perform our best to provide the best dental services to our patrons.

Professional Dentist in Prestons

Good oral health and care are of vital importance. It can have a considerable effect on your overall health and hygiene too. White Bright family Dental offers you some of the best dental treatment and procedures to ensure optimum care of your oral health. We have been one of the leading professional dentists in Prestons. We are a licensed practitioner and are affiliated with the leading Australian regulatory body.

White Bright family Dental has an experience of over two decades in the medical field. We have immense experience in dealing with dental problems and oral health issues. We offer state of the art dental services with the best combination of advanced technology and professional expertise. We are one of the best Prestons dentists with an experience of more than two decades. We use the latest methods and technology to store our client’s details and medical information digitally.

All the medical equipment at White Bright family Dental is always properly sterilised and if appropriate disposed of efficiently after use. We give utmost attention to the health and hygiene of our patrons. We make sure to follow a strict protocol and procedure for treating our patients. We take great efforts in ensuring our premises is regularly clean and all the hygiene standards are met and maintained in our premises.

What makes us different from other dental clinics?

Our compassion and commitment to providing quality dental services to our esteemed patients make us one of the best dentists in Prestons. Our teams of professional dentists are dedicated to providing the best dental procedures and treatments in the area.

Connect with us now to avail our professional dental services.

Emergency Dental Treatment

At times, you cannot wait for a couple of days, and you have to see a dentist right away immediately. Otherwise, the problem could become complicated, and the pain would increase tenfolds in due course. But when you have White & Bright Family Dental contact information with you, you don’t have to worry even for a second. You can book an appointment with our emergency dentists without wasting any time.

We will arrange a session depending upon the severity of your dental problems. So, the next time you have any persistent dental problem, contact the best emergency dentists in Sydney.


Excellent Staff – Supports You All Along 

Earlier, we had discussed our holistic approach to dental care. Our dentists in Moorebank make sure that you get the best support and are informed about every procedure you undergo at White & Bright Family Dental clinic. Similarly, we have a huge staff at our clinic, including technicians, assistants and customer service executives. Our staff makes sure to provide you with a flawless experience while you get dental care at our clinic. You can talk to our team regarding any minute grievances, and they will cater to your problems instantly. 

You will hardly get such compassion and professionalism from the dentists you find when you type the best dentist near me on the internet.   

Wide Range Of Expertise

A top dental care clinic should have treatment for a wide range of dental problems. Otherwise, you may look for other dentists in the Moorebank area. At White & Bright Family Dental, we have a host of dental treatment for our esteemed customers who visit us from all across the Sydney region. You can book an appointment for cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, teeth whitening, hemostasis & coagulation, etc. We have some of the best cosmetic dentists, orthodontists & paediatric dentists for you and your family’s dental care.

So, all in all, you will find all types of dental treatment at our clinic in the Moorebank area! Just call our number and book an easy appointment with the best dentists in Moorebank, Sydney.

Amazing Offers – Helps You Financially

At White & Bright Family Dental, we understand that it’s difficult for many customers to pay for dental care. And that is why we have come up with lucrative offers for you in Sydney. Visit our offers page to know more!

Our compassion and commitment to providing quality dental services to our esteemed patients make us one of the best dentists in Prestons. Our teams of professional dentists are dedicated to providing the best dental procedures and treatments in the area.

Connect with us now to avail our professional dental services.


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dental care

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