Children, teens and even adults need teeth straightening or alignment. You can always go for metal braces, but it comes with a few restrictions. Metal braces are quite inconvenient and a bit unpleasant on the eyes. 

Want an alternative to metal braces for teeth alignment? You should try a clear aligner such as Invisalign, and we know the ideal dentist for this teeth alignment in Liverpool. 

Welcome To White & Bright Family Dental

When it comes to orthodontics and other dental treatments, there is no better place than our clinic. We have the best orthodontists for your teeth alignment and straightening procedures. Every year, we recommend Invisalign to thousands of our patients in Liverpool. Our team draws a full-proof plan to align our patients’ teeth using the clear aligners by Invisalign! 

So, why not come to us for your orthodontics treatment? We will give you the best Invisalign treatment plan at the most affordable rates across Liverpool, Sydney. Let’s see our approach for every patient that walks into our clinic! 

Whom Do We Recommend Invisalign?

In the Invisalign dental procedure, a removable and transparent tray is used to align the teeth. We recommend this clear aligner to patients in Liverpool with mild to moderate misalignment of teeth. Similarly, it’s effective for people with overbite, crossbite or even overbite. However, for severe cases of misalignment, we do not recommend this line of orthodontics treatment. So, make sure to check your malocclusion before considering.    

You can get in touch with our team of orthodontics to know if you are eligible for Invisalign teeth alignment or not. Call us or visit the White & Bright Family Dental website! 

Our Approach & Treatment Plan

During the first session, we take x-rays and other images of your entire dental orientation. Then, we will send your results to the Invisalign lab, where the experts will make a custom-Invisalign tray for you. Next, we will call you again to our clinic to try the Invisalign tray. Depending upon your feedback, we will make changes to the clear aligners. 

Usually, this treatment plan will last for a long time. And during this period, we will provide you with a new set of Invisalign trays as per your feedback. So, come down to our clinic and have the best Invisalign treatment in Liverpool! 

Benefits Of Clear Aligners In Liverpool

Now that we have gone through our approach and treatment procedure let’s see some immediate benefits of Invisalign aligners. 

  • Invisible Aligners: These aligners are practically invisible and don’t tarnish your appearance in any condition whatsoever. You can smile confidently in front of your friends, family and even strangers with Invisalign aligners! 
  • Convenient Option: you will be required to wear them as the dentist guides you till the end of your treatment plan. However, you will feel no discomfort while you wear them at the start. It’s a much better option than those traditional metal braces. 
  • Easy-to-maintain: Although you have to wear these aligners for a long time, you can easily remove them to brush your teeth. Similarly, you can clean the removable trays with ease. 

No wonder people prefer these clear aligners over other orthodontic treatments in Liverpool! Apart from the things listed above, getting Invisalign is cost-effective as well! So, just call us today and book your appointment with our expert orthodontics!   

Why Choose Us?

You will find a significant number of Invisalign suppliers in Liverpool and across Sydney. So, why should you contact White & Bright Family Dental for your teeth straightening procedure? Let’s find out! 

  • Our orthodontics have vast expertise and experience to recommend you the best Invisalign treatment. 
  • You will find an overly passionate and supportive staff at White & Bright Family Dental clinic. Our team will take care of everything from the moment you walk into our clinic till the end of your treatment. 
  • We procure authentic Invisalign aligners for our patients in Liverpool.    
  • You will find modern equipment such as x-rays, mouth mirror, anaesthetic, dental syringe, drill, etc., at our disposal! So, you can expect the finest orthodontic treatment from our team! 
  • We can recommend to you other orthodontic treatments options if you are not eligible for Invisalign aligners. 
  • We have many lucrative offers which are designed to ease the financial burden of our patients in Sydney!

Call us today and book an appointment to get Invisalign aligners!  

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