Getting braces is a part of childhood for many people, but that doesn’t make the adjustment process any easier for unwilling kids. However, there are lots of things you can do to help make the transition as smooth as possible and have your little ones smiling again in no time!

Make sure they understand the positives

As adults, the benefits of braces are clear to us, but young children may not understand. Spend some time talking to your child about how exciting braces can be, whether that’s highlighting the colours they can choose from or the fact they get to miss a few hours of school for their appointment. Whatever it takes in the beginning, even your child will see how amazing their smile looks at the end.

Inform them about foods

Although no caramels and popcorn might seem like the end of the world for many youngsters, it’s better you tell them in advance. Getting sweets stuck in their braces will just result in more stress in the long run, so make sure they steer clear of key offenders. Why not think of fun ways to make braces-friendly foods for them to enjoy? Pancakes make a great treat or creating smiley faces out of vegetables is sure to brighten up any child’s mood.

Make brushing teeth a game

It’s likely your child won’t be used to the more intense brushing routine needed once they have braces. The increased time and concentration needed could mean children are tempted to skip brushing altogether, which would be a disaster. Try to make this time of day more interesting by playing songs for the duration of the brushing or having a sticker checklist for each part of the mouth that has been cleaned.

Use pain relief if required

Some discomfort is part and parcel of getting braces, no matter how excited your child is. Therefore, it’s important to be ready with mild pain medication if needed or special wax to apply on the braces to reduce rubbing.

Get in touch

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Photo: emma by Rivard licensed under Creative commons 6