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Kids love our dentistry

At White & Bright Family Dental, we are a team of certified and experienced specialist Paediatric dentists who excel in rendering dental care to infants and children. We evaluate the current dental condition of the kids and provide them the best-suited treatment. Offering you the best kids dentist in Moorebank, we diagnose, prevent and restore the dental care for your kid using the most advanced dental technology and equipment.

Dental services available for kids include:

  • Digital X-rays for kids of all ages
  • Infant oral examination, which includes the risk assessment for dental problems fetched from the mother
  • Habit counselling, which includes thumb sucking etc.
  • Repair of defects or tooth cavities
  • Effective management of gum conditions like low frenal attachment, paediatric periodontal disease, mouth ulcers, mucoceles and tongue tie
  • Interceptive Orthodontics, which includes easy assessment of teeth that need to be corrected via the use of partial braces and plates
  • Effective management of dental injuries like fracture, knocked or displaced out tooth etc. 
  • Comprehensive surgical procedures, including removal of supernumerary tooth, release of tongue tie etc. 
kids dentist

Your child deserves the best dental health care

Taking your child to the dentist for a routine dental check-up is a tedious task for all parents. As a leading kids dentist provider in Moorebank, Liverpool, Heckenberg and Ashcroft; White & Bright Family Dental has friendly paediatric dentists on-board, who’re skilled in eradicating the most common phobia among kids, which includes a regular visit to the dentist. With our breakthrough treatment knowledge, we are capable of handling all kinds of dental problems that affect children. Whether it’s a severe tooth decay, signs of teeth peeking from the child’s gums or crooked teeth; the dental experts ensure perfect dental health and overall well-being of your young lads.
kids dentist

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