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Emergency dental care



Living with tooth pain or other dental problems is miserable. If you need immediate dental care, give us a call. The next time you lose or break a tooth playing sports or have a terrible toothache, give us a call. We are available to help relieve your pain and stop the problem from getting worse.

Choosing a reputed dentist in Moorebank for maintaining excellent oral hygiene……..
Dental issues can’t be eliminated overnight. You need to invest a good amount of time and effort in handling dental and oral concerns. White Bright Family Dental is an excellent dental care clinic that offers flawless dental care services at the most amazing prices. The dentists on-board are professionally qualified and trained to look after different kinds of dental problems that are bothering people of different age groups. The huge collection of dental treatments and services are delivered, keeping the patient’s current situation in mind. For a phenomenal dental care, all you need to do is simply get in touch with a dentist in Moorebank and you’ll be cured of your issue forever.  

Cosmetic Dentistry for maintaining that perfect smile……… 
If a dental issue has been affecting your smile, then it’s time to opt for cosmetic dentistry that will help you regain your lost smile. You can find a renowned dentist in Moorebank and get treated for a wide range of cosmetic issues like strained teeth, misaligned teeth, missing teeth and many more. Professional cosmetic dentists at White Bright Family Dental are experts in recommending you the most suitable cosmetic treatment for your problem. Well, the price of a cosmetic dentistry treatment primarily depends on the patient’s current dental health condition. White Bright Family Dental has a team of highly experienced smile experts who’re there to help you in getting rid of your dental concern in a pain-free and quick format. Each of the smile approved dentists would examine the patient’s circumstances and determine as to whether he/she is the right candidate for a specific cosmetic dentistry treatment or not. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal Service is offered by trained dentists in Moorebank…..…
Finding a trained dentist in Moorebank isn’t a tedious job anymore. White Bright Family Dental offers flawless wisdom tooth removal service that enables you to get rid of your pain-causing wisdom tooth for a lifetime. Whether you’re facing an impacted or a partially erupted wisdom teeth issue, expert dentists at Moorebank will ensure that the teeth aren’t vulnerable to recurring infection and severe pain. The dentist would implement the wisdom tooth extraction treatment with the help of a local anaesthetic. However, for some patients, the general anaesthesia might also be used. Wisdom tooth can easily get infected due to one or more reasons and hence it is recommended to opt for its removal on an immediate basis. 

We want to help if you have any of these dental emergencies:

Missing teeth
Broken or cracked teeth
Objects caught between teeth
Severe toothaches

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When a member of your family needs immediate attention, we provide help for all ages. Visits to the dentist can be stressful for young children, but we will do everything possible to make your family comfortable. Our staff will quickly diagnose and treat the problem to prevent pain and further damage.

Trust our highly trained staff in a dental emergency

Need urgent dental care?

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