Dentist near Georges Fair

Dentist near Georges Fair


Locate a Dentist near Georges Fair… 

Getting a quality dentist by your side is that important aspect of your dental health, which can have a great bearing on your grown-up life, and how well are you able to lead it, while heading into your old age. Though the longevity of your teeth also depends a great deal on brushing, cleaning and rinsing your mouth on a regular basis with a good disinfectant mouthwash, but you also can’t overlook the importance of a good dentist in this scenario. A good dentist will help you by detecting any early signs of a bacterial infection growing in your teeth, and treat it with the necessary medication and procedures to keep your teeth healthy and intact for a long period of time.  

Your best option is heading to White & Bright!

If you are trying to locate a quality Dentist near Georges Fair, you would don’t need to look any further than a hundred yards down the road from your current location at Nuwarra Road. A relaxed one minute walk from your residence and you will be right at the doorsteps of White & Bright Family Dental Clinic, which is a pretty decent dental facility in this area with a state-of-the-art treatment facility and a wide range of dental treatments to offer to its patients.
At White & Bright Family Dental Clinic, all dental procedures and treatments are administered by well qualified and competent doctors at a pretty affordable price. In addition, this clinic specializes in handling dental treatments of people of all ages (right from little babies to old grannies). Pensioners too can avail a flat 20% discount on all dental treatments here, and Insurance holders of Medibank & Veterans Card can avail bulk billing discounts to afford the treatment without affecting their budget. 

Go with a dental facility that provides 24 hours dental care… 

People who have availed dental treatment from White & Bright Family Dental Clinic in the past have no doubts about their quality. However those who are still undecided about choosing a dental facility, they can look at some key factors that tilt the scale heavily in favour of White & Bright.

These key factors are…

1. State-of-the-art preventative care & treatments
2. The Wand, a Single Tooth Anaesthetic unit that eliminates use of syringe-based injections. 
3. Teeth whitening & bleaching procedures completed in just 20 minutes 
4. DIAGNOcam, a safe and advanced alternative for dental imaging 
5. Well Qualified & skilled staff offering expert treatment & friendly service
6. 20% Pensioners discount on treatments
7. Lifelong Teeth Whitening Package at a flat 50% discount

In light of the above facts, there is no doubt that White & Bright Family Dental Clinic is indeed the best Dentist near Georges Fair, if you need to visit one for all your dental ailments. 

Your comfort is our number one priority

Choose us for pleasant 
dental experience. 

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