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Dental Clinic


Dental Clinic Moorebank, Liverpool, Heckenberg, Ashcroft

Professional approach for advanced dental care

White & Bright Family Dental is a high-end dental clinic in Moorebank, dedicated towards offering high-quality dental care in a professional style. All our dental practitioners are gentle and have a good amount of experience in treating nervous patients. We are compassionate about cosmetic dentistry and take pride in providing quality care to patients struggling with a plethora of dental and oral problems. By following a personal approach while treating patients, we aim to eradicate the major dental diseases viz: tooth decay and gum disease. 

Come to us for cure of broken or crooked teeth

If broken or crooked teeth have been bothering you lately, then it’s time to visit White & Bright Family Dental where you can find best treatment for your dental concern. Right from crowns and bridges to veneers; cosmetic dentistry has a wide range of options that can be chosen for aligning your existing teeth and rendering an aesthetic appearance. One of the best techniques for correcting crooked teeth is the use of invisalign aligners, which are the more refined form of braces that work as the best equipment for aligning teeth properly. 

Protect your decayed or damaged tooth using dental crown

If any of your teeth have broken due to an accident or illness and you aren’t comfortable with removing the same, then dental crowns can come to your rescue. As a renowned dental clinic in Moorebank, White & Bright Dental has a team of professionally qualified dentists on-board, working towards strengthening and restoring teeth using dental crowns and bridges. Usually performed after a successful root canal therapy, dental crown treatment involves creation of custom-made dental crown that fits over the decayed or injured tooth to cover it as a whole. Popularly known as tooth caps, dental crowns are prepared using materials like acrylic and porcelain, which is fused with a specific metal to be used for protecting fractured, decayed or discoloured teeth. 

Your comfort is our number one priority

Choose us for pleasant 
dental experience. 

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